MESSKO® BeTech/Bellow type Technology OTI

Oil and WTI designed for power transformers to meet all environmental requirements.

Oil's and WTI's designed and manufactured to operate for dec-ades, to match a transformer's life. 5 year guarantee.

Using liquid filled bellow technique, for maximum operating force.

Non pressurized measuring system minimizes risk of leakage.

Up to five independent microswitches for control of cooling equipment, alarm and trip function - SPDT type as standard, DPDT available.

Customised configurations possible.

Optional Analogue outputs for remote readings.

Compliance with IEC standards.

Winding Temperature functionality (thermal image) inside the en-closure, meaning no heating element in pocket.

Large visible dial having black text and pointer on white back-ground.

All components are made of non corroding materials to withstand long time outdoor use in tropical as well as arctic climates

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