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    Delivered 3 Hedrich oil filters at CPN Transformer Company Limited.

    Tan and Sons Company Limited would like to thank CPN Transformer Company Limited for trusting in using Hedrich transformer oil filters, model AP40T, 2 machines, size 4,000 liters/hour and 1 AP20T, size 2,000 liters/hour, for use in filtering work. Transformer oil both inside and outside the premises

    We would like to congratulate you on the successful completion of the Hedrich transformer oil filter inspection. And customers are satisfied with the use of the Hedrich transformer oil filter, which has outstanding features in separating water from oil and filtering oil in the same machine using indirect heating and thin film degassing systems that are Hedrich's exclusive patents. This results in high quality transformer oil with very low moisture content in the oil.

    We hope that the Hedrich transformer oil filter will help your electric transformer have efficiency and a long service life. And we are happy to serve you fully.

    Contact the sales department at 02-384-3848.

    E-mail : tanandsons@tanandsons.com

    Website : www.tanandsons.com


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