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Soenen is the leading manufacturer of high-performance perforating presses. Our machines provide an extremely high feeding accuracy, resulting in excellent productivity and perfectly perforated sheets.

Our fastest presses reach speeds up to 800 SPM and have high feeding accuracies of 0.02 mm. The result is high productivity and - most importantly - perfect sheets. Hole dimensions can vary from 0.6 to 25 mm and the press force of our largest presses is 6,000 kN. From extremely thick steel to small and fragile latex sheets, over the years we have gathered all the necessary skills to build any kind of press for any kind of material.

2 types of presses

We build two types of presses: the all-across perforating press that can perforate the sheet across its full width, and the sectional perforating press (also known as a ‘CAPS machine’) that perforate the sheet section by section. These presses perforate very thick steel sheets (up to 25 mm), while the sheets can move along the X and Y-axis, creating unprecedented flexibility and options for perforating.

Perforation & micro perforation

At first glance, the thin perforated metal sheet in a microwave might seem easy to make, but in reality it requires a rather complex production process that combines high speeds and extreme accuracy. A wide variety perforated steel sheets are used in construction, industry, and consumer goods. Just think of the perforated metal sheets that are used as sound barriers. These massive boards absorb and filter noise from railways, roads, construction sites and airports. On a smaller scale, filters and sieves obtained by microperforation are in high demand by the food and pharmaceutical industries.


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