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COMPLETE PROCESSING PLANTS waste wood processing

Applications :

  • Wood: waste wood, demolition wood, stem wood, root stems, green waste, railway sleeper, pallets, cable drums

For the waste wood recycling, the HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH facilitates processes and techniques to separate contaminants from the waste wood, to yield a reusable product.

The waste wood is processed for the further use with a customized HAMMEL wood recycling plant. 

The HAMMEL-primary shredder processes the intake waste wood in a single step to an end product of approx. 300 mm, the discharge conveyor then passes it on to a magnet separator, where iron substances are separated, and is then moved to a vibrating chute. Here, the material is broken up and distributed evenly on the sorting belt in order to facilitate manual sorting of further impurities. The clean material is discharged, depending on size and quality across different belts into the appropriate boxes and is now available for further recycling.


  • Pimary shredder
  • Metal separation
  • Secondary shredder
  • Screening technology
  • Sorting lines
  • Discharge and conveyor technique


  • individual planning
  • high performance
  • Low energy consumption
  • low noise emission
  • minimal dust formation
  • durable tools
  • rugged construction

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