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The smart dieless system, developed and patented by Novopress, enables high quality crimps for various makes of cable lugs and sleeves without changing any dies. The HP-Series ensures continual operational readiness, safety and effi ciency, on crimps with various cross sections in random order. Com pressions will comply with VDE-Standard 0220, NF C 63-061 and SEN 245012.

The HPM 400 from Novopress is the ultimate crimping tool for service and maintenance jobs. The totally maintenance–free, selfcontained hydraulic system, guarantees persistent operational condition even beyond any infrastructure. The universal crimping head is without any die change whatsoever over the whole cross section range from 16 - 400 mm2. It will eliminate any additional cost for die set‘s and time consuming changes thereof. The smart automatic compression, secures constant high quality of your crimps over the whole cross section range.

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  • Integrated crimp control
  • No additional die cost
  • Dieless compression 
    16-400 mm2
HPM 400  
Weight 5,9 kg
Width  180 mm
Height 80 mm
Length 550 mm
Force 110 kN
Cross section Cu 16-400 mm2 / Al 50–400 mm2

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