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Leaders when it comes to switchgear manufacturing. Novopress hydraulic power packs are designed to operate at a low 150 bar over a wide range of applications. This design combines the clear advantages of increased work safety and a long service life for the power pack and its attached devices.

For heavy duty applications and continuous production, the HA 3 Power Pack is the professional choice. With a high performance drive and extended oil volume, the HA 3 is the ideal power pack for demanding busbar production and continuous cable assembly. Available with or without 24 V controls for hand operated crimping tools.


  • High flow rate 4 l/min.
  • 3 layer safety switch
  • Designed for continuous duty
Power Pack HA 3  
Drive 230 V - 750 W
Weight 26 kg
Height 550 mm
Length 270 mm
Width 260 mm
Oil capacity 5,5 l
Operation S 1=
Safety Class IP 44
Operating pressure 150 bar / 2.200psi
Fow rate 4 l/min.

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