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With a pressing force of 100 kN and a working stroke of 60 mm, the new pressing unit ACO401 provides sufficient energy for special applications with larger pipe dimensions. Sprinkler installations, fire-extinguishing systems or special industrial systems with dimensions from 76.1 to 168.3 mm do not pose any problem for the ACO401. Due to the powerful, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, 15 - 20 press cycles can be carried out without recharging the battery.

Thanks to the ergonomic handles, the unit lies safe in the hand, so that it is no problem to work even under a hall ceiling. Due to the rotatable head with a firmly mounted adaptor-jaw, the unit can be applied even at hardly accessible pressing points.



  • high press force - powerful for large pipe dimensions   
  • ideally suitable for special applications with special requirements concerning high pressure   
  • battery status indication - battery capacity can be controlled anytime


Dimensions Metal pipe 76,1 - 168,3 mm
Piston force 100 kN
Piston stroke 60 mm
Weight 13,0 kg
Length 660 mm
Width 100 mm
Height 250 mm
Power consumption 400 W
Battery 18V Li-Ion 3,0 Ah
Battery capacity 15 - 20 pressing cycles
Charging time approx. 60 Minuten

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