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NFG series

The Normal Face Gauge for Oil Immersed Power Transformers


  • Available up to 4 changeover switches
  • Interchangeable with equivalent models of competitor brands
  • Waterproof – IP 65 protection degree
  • Suitable for applications on both main conservator and OLCT compartments


Visible Dial 100mm, 150mm, 250mm
Flange dimensions: 140mm, 220mm, 345mm EN 50216, old British Standards
Exections available Axial (style Y) and radial (style R)
Body in aluminum alloy casting
Waterproof - IP 65 protection degree
Window material PMMA or tempered glass
Environmental conditions from -60°C up to +70°C
Suitable for multiple mounting positions (OLTC included)
Wiring diagrams availability from 1 up to 4 contacts
Finishing for exreme/high corrosive environments
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Full catalogue pdf
Order form Y pdf
Order form R pdf



The CEDASPE NFG series (Normal Face Gauge) is a magnetic oil level indicator designed for both power transformers and large distribution transformers it is used for checking and measuring the oil level inside the conservator.
The outcome is an analogic indication given by an arrow spacing on a graduated dial and by one or more electric contacts (up to 4 switches) switching when oil reaches the minimum/maximum level allowed.
The gauge body is made of one piece of solid compact aluminum casting oil tightened proof.
The indicating system is located inside the body and is composed by an arrow, a graduated scale and the contacts activated by cams and a magnet system.
The monitoring system is located behind the fixing flange and is composed by a magnet coupling rigidly connected to a float arm which follows the movement of the surface of the oil either with a radial or an axial system.
CEDASPE NFG series has an IP65 protection degree, suitable for heavy-duty environmental conditions.

NFG series is even enable to be customized upon request: both body and dial can be designed according customer requirements.



NFG type Dial diameter Execution Design Standard reference Catalogue
NFG 1 100 mm Style Y (axial) and Style R (radial) Standard design EN 50216 pdf
NFG 2 150 mm pdf
NFG 3 250 mm pdf
NFG4-R Style R (radial) Special design (Russian market) pdf
NFG4-Y Style Y (axial) pdf
Mounting sketches pdf
Wiring diagram pdf
Contanct testing facility pdf

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