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Air dehydrating breathers for distribution transformers

Transfomer oil suggested 700kg, 1500kg and 3500kg
Silicagel quantity 0,25kg, 0,50kg and 1kg
Connection type Thereaded or flanged
Body in aluminum alloy casting
Standard references EN 50216
Waterproof (IP65 protection degree)
Window material Trogamid or tempered glass
Environmental conditions from -60°C up to +70°C
Finishing for exreme/high corrosive environments
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Air dehydrating breathers are transparent hollow cylinder tubes which contain chemically pure silicium salt (silica gel) with a colored indicator. 
The air flows inside the transformer due to the thermal contraction of the oil mass and passes through the silica gel; the silica gel absorbs the humidity, indicating the saturation degree by changing color. 
The salt contained in the breather, when saturated, can be easily removed and replaced. 
The upper and lower parts are made of a non-porous corrosion-proof aluminum alloy casting. The hollow cylinder is made of PMMA (or tempered glass) and is protected by a stainless-steel frame with windows that allow for the visual inspection of the silica gel color. 
On the bottom side of the breather, a valve prevents continuous air contact with the silica gel and only allows air to pass in both directions (inlet or outlet) when there is a pressure deficiency or excess inside the transformer; in particular, TV75 /VE05 and VE10 models feature a hydraulic valve (oil sump) while VC10 models features a mechanical valve (spring-loaded).



Air Breathers model Bottom valve type Tranformer oil [kg] Silicagel quantity [kg] Connection type Catalogue
TV75NE Hydraulic (oil sump) 700 0,25 Threaded 1/2' GF pdf
VE 05 1500 0,5
VE-10/F6 3500 1 Flanged (4 holes) pdf
VE-10/R1 Theread 1"G
VC-10/F6 Mechanical (spring-loaded) Flanged (4 holes) pdf
VC-10/R1 Theread 1"G

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