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CGX series (for core grounding), Available from reinhausen Singapore (RSG) or MR Singaporn

The latest and most innovative solution for core grounding


  • Compact body design and easy attachment (plug-in product)
  • Anti-rotation and non-loosing terminals
  • Insulation feedthroughs in cast aluminum
  • IP65 protection degree


CBX size S (from 1 to 3 terminals)
No entries
Cast aluminum for flanged body
Easy fixation
Aluminum cover
Numbered terminals for an easy identification
Unscrewing terminals
Copper flexible connection kit available on demand
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The CEDASPE CGX series has been designed to offer an easy, fast and reliable solution for core and frame grounding. 
The CGX series has a compact, flanged body made of aluminum alloy which allows for easy attachment to the transformer walls (plug-in solution) by means of welded studs or screws. This solution surpasses the limits of traditional grounding systems, making the CGX design reliable and saving time and money. 
The cover, also made of aluminum alloy, is hermetically sealed with an IP65 protection degree
The terminals allow for the connection of wiring inside and outside the transformer and are specially designed to prevent unscrewing during assembly or wiring operations. 
A flexible copper connection kit for terminals is available by request. Furthermore, the CGX series is equipped with an external identification plate and internal numbered plate for terminals. 
Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, the CGX series can even operate under extreme environmental conditions (i.e. very polluted areas, very cold/hot ambient temperatures, very corrosive/aggressive environments, etc.).



CGX type Number of terminals Number of entries Catalogue
SM2-S-CGT (1T) 1 teminals no entries pdf
SM2-S-CGT (2T) 2 teminals pdf
SM2-S-CFT 3 teminals pdf

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