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On-load tap-changer ECOTAP® VPD® III 30 ECOTAP® VPD® III 100
Number of phases 3
Application At any point in the winding
Permitted transformer types Free-breathing with oil conservator
Totally oil-filled hermetic transformers (without gas cushion)
Free breathing with air cushion only in combination with a special
variant of the ECOTAP® VPD® (on request)
Max. rated through-current 30 A 100 A
Max. rated step voltage 825 V
Max. number of operating positions 9 operating positions without change-over selector
17 operating positions with change-over selector
Highest voltage for equipment 36 kV, 40,5 kV
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Max. number of tap-change operations 500.000
Permissible absolute pressure during operation 0,7…1,4 bar


Motor-drive unit
Runtime per tap-change operation approx. 420 ms
Shortest gap between tap-change operations 3 s
Permissible ambient temperature during operation -25 °C ... +70 °C
Protection class IP54
Installation site Indoors, outdoors


Control unit
Permitted voltage range 100...240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Note: Measured voltage is supply voltage  
Power consumption Max. 345 VA
Internal fuse (F1) Micro-fuse, 6,3x32 mm, min. 250 V, T4A
Permissible ambient temperature during operation Continuous operation: -25 °C...+50 °C
Brieflly (maximum of 2 h per day): -25 °C...+70 °C
Protection class IP30
Installation site Indoors, also suited to outdoor use in separate housing

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