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KREMPEL pressboard is a proven insulating material with a cellulose base used for insulation class A (105 °C)

Pressboard PSP 3050

B.2.1 B according to IEC 60641-3-1

„ PSP 3050 is a natural-coloured pressboard made of 100 % unbleached sulphate

cellulose and extra pure water that is free of all bonding agents. But in contrast

to POWERBOARD AK, it does not get its final properties from the hot-pressed

process, but rather through hot-air drying with subsequent calendering.

„ PSP 3050 is manufactured in thicknesses from 0.8 to 4.0 mm and primarily is

used for core insulations, layer insulations, smaller insulating cylinders and

punched parts.

„ For formats and tolerances, see Page 1.22

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