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SOENEN slitting lines for Grain Oriented Silicon Steel ensure a slitting process with the highest standards involving burr values and width accuracy. Carbide knives are used to achieve the highest slitting quality that is required for Grain Oriented Silicon Steel.

Slitting Lines

For the transformer industry, Soenen also builds slitting lines. A Soenen slitting line processes 200 m silicon steel per minute with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Our lines can slit coils that vary between 300 and 1250 mm. The strips are recoiled with high accuracy and the right tension.

Material                                                GOSS / NOSS
Coil weight (T) 2 - 12
Coil width (mm) 250 - 1300
Material thickness (mm) 0,23 - 0,65
Line speed (m/min) 250
Precision  on width (mm) +/- 0,05

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