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Symmetric sinusoidal type according to IEC 61628-1

- Corrugated board is manufactured with natural-coloured presspaper made of

100% unbleached sulfate cellulose (similar to P.2.1 according to IEC 60641-3-2)

with symmetric sinusoidal corrugation.

- Corrugated board is primarily used in transformer coils, such as winding or layer

insulation, and forms a cooling channel system via the corrugation.

- All corrugated boards can also be laminated on one side with a standard web

width of 1050 mm with presspaper PSP 3055 0.13 mm thick or with KREMPEL-DPP

0.125 mm (printed on one side with the unprinted side for the corrugated board).

This improves the compressive strength and processing capability of the corrugated board. Two corrugated

board layers can also be wound with one on top of the other to achieve larger cooling channel cross-section

areas. Here it is necessary when winding to ensure that the PSP or DPP layer is always on the outside.

- Corrugated board is available either as rolls or blanks.

- Corrugated board is available in the following dimensions:

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