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The brand-new Novopress PowerCrimp, offers a complete Crimping-System, with more than 100 common crimping dies and locators for a vast variety of terminals, splices and disconnects. Especially on force intensive and safety-critical applications, the PowerCrimp shows it’s superiority over manual crimping tools. With it’s electronic crimp-force monitoring and automatic sequence control, every crimp will be fully completed in unsurpassed quality and safety. In a range from 0.08 - 50 mm² the PowerCrimp System is suitable for more than 1.000 special crimping applications and offers crimp force, reliability and safety, as only expected from stationary crimping machines so far. The state of the art Li-Ion battery system from Milwaukee, enables light weight, high performance and endurance for up to 500 crimps per charge. Thus the Novopress PowerCrimp is also the right choice for your job-lot production.


  • Crimps from 0.08 - 50 mm²
  • Range AWG 28 - AWG 0
  • Parallel jaw closing
  • Crimpforce up to 1.5t
  • Crimpforce monitoring
  • Crimp-cycle control
  • Latest Li-Ion batteries
  • 500 Crimps per charge
  • Cycle time only 2,5 sec.


Voltage Battery 12 V Li-Ion 1,5 Ah / 3,0 Ah
Power 240 W
Length ca. 142 mm
Width ca. 50 mm
Height ca. 274 mm
Weight ca. 2 Kg (inkl. Akku 1,5 Ah)
Crimpforce up to 1,5t
Crimp Range 0,08 - 50 mm²
Protection class IP 20
Temp. range -10° C bis +50° C
Sound pressure level 70 db (A)
Sound power level max. 83 db (A)
Vibration value < 2,5 m/s²

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