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HSBL-2 Punching Tool

HSBL-2 Punching Tool   Ref.No. 7050

For portable and stationary punching applications up to 160 x 13 mm (6˝x1/2˝) the HSBL-2 Punching Tool 160 is the ideal choice for our busbar production. State of the art operator safety and the additional X-Y positioning device will vanquish the need for premeasuring and center marking on your busbar. Excellent punching quality with round, elongated and square dies are making the HSBL-2 Punching Tool 160 the ideal option for small and medium work shops.


    • Excellent punching quality burr free
    • Easy positioning in X/Y-axis
    • Large assortment of round, elongated and square dies
    • Fast and easy tool change

Technische Daten

Height 940 mm (incl. work-cylinder)
Depth 310 mm
Width 400 mm
Weight 53.9 kg (incl. work-cylinder)
Operating pressure 150 bar (2,200 psi)
Force 150 KN
Punching perf. max. 160 x 13 mm 250 N/mm2
Cycle time 5.5 sec.*

Recommended Power Pack is HA3.
* Busbar 120x10 mm


Work Cylinder HSBL-2 Ref.No. 2420
Punching Tool 160 Ref.No. 7050
Stop Device for 7050 Ref.No. 7190
Punching Tool 160 incl. Stop Device Ref.No. 34243

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