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SBC series (12-52kV - for PT)

The newest CEDASPE bushing, designed with future requirements in mind.


  • Innovative design
  • Maintenance-free guarantee
  • Fully interchangeable with DIN/EN standard bushings and suitable for retrofitting old bushings
  • PD-free
  • Suitable for off-shore applications


Maximum rated voltage From 12 kV up to 52 kV
Maximum rated current From 250 A up to 4500 A
Nominal creepage distance From 505 mm up to 1690 mm
Antipollution level From P3 up to P4
Off-shore execution available
Partial discharges free
Rod design Rigid stem / Split / Drawlead
Rod material Copper / Brass
Multiple copper rod customizations
Multiple connection styles
Special finishing Tinplating / Silverplating


Mainly used for insulating power transformers on the low-voltage side, SBC is the latest bushing released in the CEDASPE product range. Safe, efficient and reliable, this bushing type anticipates future market requirements.
SBC series bushings are liquid filled (hollow core oil communicating) bushings designed in accordance with EN 50180. The insulating envelope is made of a fiberglass tube onto which a premium quality silicone is injected using a modern system based on liquid technology (LSR). Transformer oil fills the space between the rod and the fiberglass tube, increasing the electrical insulation and dissipating the thermal energy generated by the high current.
The SBC's innovative design guarantees perfect performance thanks to its flange that is directly integrated into the composite body, improving the strength of the bushing and reducing the risk of oil leakage.
Thanks to the excellent properties of the silicone insulating envelope (i.e. self-cleaning, hydrophobicity, UV radiation resistance, elasticity, etc.), this bushing is considered to be “maintenance free”. The low weight and elasticity of the silicone make the SBC bushing very easy to handle and mount, effectively reducing the risk of breakages and guaranteeing safe operations and a long service life.
The CEDASPE SBC bushing design has the same overall dimensions of the corresponding porcelain HV bushing type, either according to DIN 42533 & 4 or to EN 50180, allowing for replacement on-site during normal transformer maintenance operations. The shape of the silicone shed profile along with the use of premium quality silicone allows the CEDASPE SBC bushing to reach creepage distances up to 1690 mm and be considered partial discharge-free.
Featuring a wide range of available customizations, the SBC bushing can be manufactured according to almost any kind of customer requirement (i.e. rod extensionspecial connectors, special finish surface, etc.).
Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, the SBC bushing series can even operate under extreme environmental conditions (i.e. very polluted areas, very cold/hot ambient temperatures, very corrosive/aggressive environments, etc.).
A new version of the SBC bushing suitable for off-shore applications was released in May 2017: the use of AISI 316 stainless steel completely avoids the risk of corrosion, reducing the maintenance related costs.


Rated voltage Rated current Antipollution level Catalogue
From 12 kV up to 52 kV From 1250 A up to 3150 A c(P3) and d(P4) pdf
From 12 kV up to 36 kV 4500 A d(P4) pdf
630 A pdf
52 kV From 250 A up to 630 A c(P3) pdf

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