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HC series (for PT up to 12,5kA), Available from reinhausen Singapore (RSG) or MR Singaporn

The CEDASPE brand around the world: Innovative and reliable with a high level of available customizations


  • Mainly manufactured by CEDASPE in the global market
  • Easy handling
  • Very high level of customization
  • Suitable for extreme applications
  • Tried-and-tested design


Maximum rated voltage From 24 kV up to 36 kV
Maximum rated current From 5000 A up to 12,5 kA
Nominal creepage distance From 440 mm up to 1100 mm
Special executions with nominal creepage distance up to 1560 mm
Antipollution level P2 and P4
Standard references EN 50243 and DIN 42537
Top lifting lug for easy handling
Special treatments availability Tinplating and silverplating
Most used rod executions Rod with bottom base and doble flag
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Lifting lug manual pdf
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The CEDASPE HC series bushing is widely used for insulating power transformers on the low-voltage side in both indoor and outdoor applications. For example, CEDASPE has supplied more than 250 pieces in 2017.
The HC series are solid porcelain liquid filled (hollow core/solid porcelain open type) bushings designed in accordance with the standards EN 50180 and EN 50243 (formerly DIN 42531-2-3-4 & 42541). HC series bushings feature a copper tube conductor (high-current density conducts the electrical flow entirely along the external copper surface). Transformer oil fills both the rod and the space between the rod and the porcelain, increasing the electrical insulation and dissipating the thermal energy generated by the high current.
Featuring an extensive range of available customizations, the HC bushing can be manufactured according to almost any kind of customer requirement (i.e. rod extensionspecial connectors, special finish surface, etc.)
Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, the HC bushing series can even operate under extreme environmental conditions (i.e. very polluted areas, very cold/hot ambient temperatures, very corrosive/aggressive environments, etc.). Furthermore, a top-lifting M12 eye nut has been included in the design for easier handling.
The demand for high-current bushings continues to grow. As the worldwide leader in manufacturing this special bushing type, CEDASPE POWER continues to supply this particular product through constant innovation and improvement of its production capacity.



Rated voltage Rated current Standard reference Antipollution level Catalogue
24 kV 6300 A     pdf
5000 A and 8000 A EN 50243 and DIN 42537 P2 and P4 pdf
36 kV P2
P3 / P4 / special* pdf
12,5 kA DIN 42537 DIN pdf
* on demand available also special solution with 1360mm/1560mm Creepage Distance

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