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Radiator valves, Available from reinhausen Singapore (RSG) or MR Singaporn

The optimal solution for easy and safe transformer radiator isolation


  • High-quality performance
  • Excellent surface finishing
  • Both metal-to-metal or zero-leakage sealing
  • Offshore version available


Butterfly valve type Wafer type or with welding neck
Flange shape Square
Radiator valve seris TW and SW
Nominal bore diameter 80mm
Type of sealing metal to metal or with O-ring (zero leakage)
Standard execution Carbon steel forded body
Offshore execution Stainless steel AISI 316 body
Operating pressure: up tp 10 bar
Temperature range: from -60°C up to +140°C
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The RADIATOR VALVE series has been designed to offer an easy and reliable solution for disconnecting the transformer radiator, featuring a typical square DIN flange (3"/80 mm opening), on transformer tank walls and cooling banks.
The SW series features metal-to-metal sealing and has a special thin butterfly blade that allows for a low oil-leakage rate in the closed position. It is available with the "wafer" design (mounting between flanges) and "welding neck" design—flanges either with OR6400 seats or flat without seats.
The TW series features total sealing with an O-ring (zero leakage) and has a special throttle with an O-ring. It is available only with the "wafer" design and flanges with OR6400 seats.
Both the SW and TW 80 series bodies are made of forged mild steel (no cast iron, so no porosity and no sweating), zinc-plated and with an epoxy paint finish suitable for standard indoor and outdoor applications. The shaft comes in carbon steel or stainless steel. The drive and gland are made of nickel-plated brass and have a padlocking function. An aluminum label indicates the open/closed position in 4 languages.
The radiator valve series features a special finish by request for extreme environmental conditions (i.e. very polluted areas, very cold/hot or very low temperature, corrosive/aggressive environments, etc.). The TW80 series is also available with an AISI 316-L stainless steel body for offshore applications.



Radiator valve type Model Inlet diameter Number of holes on the flange Sealing Design Application Catalogue
TW series TW80 80mm 4 holes with O-ring (zero leakage) with O-ring seat Mounting between flanges pdf
SW series SW80-A1L metal-to-metal (small leakages) with welding neck pdf
SW80-B1L Mounting between flanges
SW80-A0L with flat flange with welding neck pdf
SW80-B0L Mounting between flanges
Mounting sketch pdf

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