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Battery powered crimp tool with 13 tons force. Uses the same crimp accessories as the other products inthe aboveV1300 System.


- ergonomic design that optimizes the balanace of the toolin the users hand 

- buzzing signal and flashing light if right pressure is not achieved

- LED lightning for work in dark environments 

- possibility to document each crimp for unique service control

- crimp force 124 kN (13 ton)

- crimps/charge: 60-120 depending on size and temperature

- crimp time: 4-12 s depending on size

- working temperature -20°C t0 +40°C 

- environmental friendly battery, Li-Ion Makita, 3.0 Ah, 18V 

- battery charger Li-Ion Makita, charging time 22 min 

- LED indication of charge status 

- supplied with robust plastic case, battery, charger andinstruction 

- PVL1300DB, supplied with 2 batteries

- weight 5,4 kg, (incl battery)


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