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portfolio single project


Coil winding machines for the production of distribution transformers and medium transformers and similar products. Equipped with Stollberg Touch system and made in strong horizontal construction incl. machine base.

Standard equipment:

  • Continously selectable speed
  • Speed control with foot pedal
  • Programmable start-up and brake characteristics
  • Freely programmable stops
  • Continuously selectable advance of wire laying system
  • Touch control


  • 2-fold wire guide
  • 2nd laying slide for double coils
  • Wire brake
  • Unwinder
  • Edge strip feeder
  • Expansion mandrel
  • Dancer arm
  • Thin wire takeoff
  • Overhead takeoff

Technical Data

Distance between centers 2500/4000 mm
Center height 1150/1350 mm
Load between centers max. 3600/8000 kg
Torque max. 10000/16000 Nm
Speed max. 100/60 U/min
Machinen weight approx. 2500/3000 kg
Power consumption max. 20/25 kW
Coil diameter 1000/1200 mm
Coil clearance diameter 1250/1600 mm


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