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SWM 12.5-25

SWM-series coil winding machines for the production of distribution and vehicle transformers for the simultaneous winding of the conductors and the insulation strips. Equipped with Stollberg Touch system and made in strong horizontal construction.

Standard equipment:

  • Continuously selectable speed
  • Speed control by means of a foot pedal
  • Programmable start up and brake characteristics
  • Continuously selectable advance of the wire laying
  • Continuously selectable advance of the insulation strip laying
  • Freely programmable wire takeoff
  • Freely programmable insulation strip
  • overhead takeoff
  • Freely programmable stops
  • Dialog input system, Touch operation

Mögliche Optionen:

  • 2nd wire laying for double coils
  • Core mounting
  • Expansion drum
  • Winding cores
  • Flattner
  • Overhead takeoff
  • Thin wire takeoff
  • Expansion mandrel

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