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If you are looking for uncompromising quality and reliability in a manual drive unit, the TAPMOTION® DD is your choice. It offers you decades of practical experience and the know-how of the market leader for off-circuit tap-changers. All TAPMOTION® DDs have one uniform construction that fits all off-circuit tap-changers.
Naturally the device also meets the requirements of IEC 60214-1. And don’t forget – the TAPMOTION® DD is also particularly easy to install.

Technical data
Protective housing Outdoor design, IP 55 protection
Gearing Transmission gear for hand crank operation, ratio 2:1, auxiliary gear for position indication and blocking of drive mechanism
Max. applicable torque Approx. 90 Nm at the output shaft with 200 N applied to the hand crank handle
Number of operating positions Max. 17
Number of hand crank revolutions per tap change 8
Tap position indicator Dial behind inspection window
Tap change progress indicator Display behind inspection window
Safety devices Mechanical locking 
Padlock; operation is only possible after the key has been turned (forced engagement)
Electrical locking 
Cam-operated switch; tap-change operation after unlocking via operating lever Switching capacity: 24 … 250 V = 100 W AC/DC
Housing dimensions 420 x 434 x 199 mm (W x H x D)
Weight Approx. 25 kg
Temperature range –45 °C to +70 °C

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