CEDASPE bushings are liquid filled hollow core oil communicating electrical bushings designed in accordance with EN 50180 (old DIN 42531-2-3-4), EN 50243 (old DIN 42541), EN 50386 and DIN 42537 standards; characteristics and tests for this kind of insulated bushings are according IEC 60137. CEDASPE bushings are suitable to be installed on both power and distribution transformers. CEDASPE manufactures several instruments and protective devices to ensure that both power and distribution transformers can work in safe conditions. Instruments are mainly used to check and control most sensible transformer elements and components; protective devices spring into action when faults occur in order to protect the transformer and avoid the risk of damage propagation. CEDASPE tank accessories are passive components that allow transformer wires or carrier fluids literally “passing through”. Butterfly valves are used to disconnect oil flowing into transformer pipes; terminal boxes collect and connect instrument internal wires with the external environment; breathers are used to dehydrate external air before it flows inside the transformer.